Dashcam Video of Attempted Armored Car Robbery in South Africa: News Junkie


From Newsweek:

Astonishing footage shows two men in the front of a cash-in-transit van in South Africa dodge bullets from hijackers looking to rob the vehicle, before the driver foils the criminals and maneuvers them to safety. The video, posted by the SA Trucker website last week, shows driver Leo Prinsloo and Lloyd Mtombeni in the van driving through the city of Pretoria when another car attempts to drive past the van and shoot at it. The two men in the van are both wearing bulletproof vests. A volley of bullets, aimed directly at the driver, hit the Land Cruiser and pockmarked its bulletproof windows while the driver accelerates and flees the robbers. If the vehicle's windows hadn't been bulletproof, the driver would have likely been shot multiple times.

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