Sundance Favorite ‘Knock Down The House’ Sells For Record $10 Million: Deadline Hollywood



Mike Flemming, Jr. of Deadline Hollywood writes: “Deadline broke news last Wednesday that Netflix had won a heated auction for the Sundance documentary Knock Down the House, but it wasn’t immediately clear how much the picture sold for. I can reveal that Netflix paid $10 million for worldwide rights to a film that yesterday received Sundance’s coveted Festival Favorite Award. By my count, that makes Knock Down the House the biggest documentary sale ever brokered at a film festival, this for the Rachel Lears-directed film that followed the campaigns of congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and three other candidates who ran against incumbents in the elections last fall, shaking up the status quo and bringing fresh blood into Congress. Long marginalized in comparisons to narrative films, documentaries have entered an unprecedented golden age, one that is only going to get better, as studio-backed subscription streaming services will seek out these films in the next year or two as they voraciously fill a need for product.”

Rachel Lears, director of Knock Down The House, discusses the film in a January 2019 clip from Sundance Institute.


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