Crop scientists at the John Innes Centre in Norwich have developed a technique, first created by Nasa, that subjects crops to 22 hours a day of LED light and promotes rapid growth of plants. The method allows six generations of wheat to be grown in a calendar year, compared to just two generations... More >>

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Greece's Baby Trafficking Networks: Vice News
Despite Greece's economic troubles, demand is high among well-off Greeks for babies smuggled in from abroad. A long and difficult legal adoption process has them turning to traffickers bringing in babies from Bulgaria and other neighboring countries.
'Fast and Furious' Update: Sharyl Attkisson
In 2011 , federal agent John Dodson leaked news that a secret operation to combat weapons trafficking to the Mexican drug cartels was in fact merely observing the the guns change hands.  Six years later, Dodson rejoins Sharyl Attkisson to discuss the status of the ongoing...
Law Profs Debate Dershowitz's Case That Trump Broke No Law
Harvard University's Laurence Tribe rejects Alan Dershowitz's case that President Trump hasn't broken the law by interfering with the Russia investigation, but do "the facts as we know them" meet the statutory requirements for charging the president with obstruction? Florida International...
Can Tilapia Skin Be Used to Bandage Burns?
No, these aren’t Professor Xavier’s students come to life. If a series of clinical trials in Northeast Brazil continues to go well, burn patients across the country might find their wounds bandaged with sterilized tilapia skin. Unlike gauze bandages, the tilapia skin stays on during the...
Phony Online Boyfriend Scams Widow Out of $1 Million
Every year in the United States, vulnerable seniors are conned out of $36 billion.  In this Money report, a 75 year-old widow from upstate New York shares her story of how this can happen.
James Varney of RealClear on Knife-Law Reform
RealClearInvestigations’ James Varney is on with Cam Edwards of NRA TV to discuss the effort to reform knife laws.  In many states, the status quo disproportionately hurts lower-income workers who use knives as part of their daily work.  The refrom movement led by the group Knife...
Intelligence Officials Discuss Russian Influence in U.S. Election
From The Wall Street Journal: Dan Coats, the current Director of National Intelligence, and former CIA Director John Brennan testified before Congress about the ongoing investigation into Russia's influence in the 2016 presidential election.  
The Debate Over National Monuments
From The New York Times:  President Trump ordered a review in April that could open federally protected lands to mining, logging and drilling.
How DNA Changed the World of Forensics
From Retro Report: Before DNA testing, prosecutors relied on less sophisticated forensic techniques, including microscopic hair analysis, to put criminals behind bars. But how reliable was hair analysis?
Inside Quebec’s Maple Syrup Wars
From Vice News: One barrel of oil currently costs about $50. One barrel of maple syrup, on the other hand, sells for about $1,200. That’s because Quebec, which provides 71 percent of the world’s maple syrup, forces producers to sell to the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup...
How to Protect Your Privacy at a Protest
From The Intercept: Planning on going to a protest? You might not be aware that just by showing up, you can open yourself up to certain privacy risks — police often spy on protesters, and the smartphones they carry, and no matter how peaceful the demonstration, there’s always a chance...
In Crime-Ridden Camden, N.J., Police Try Patience in Confrontations
In Camden, N.J., one of America's most violent cities, officers are being trained to exercise restraint in situations where they may have previously resorted to deadly force. Related article: Changes in Policing Take Hold in One of the Nation’s Most Dangerous Cities
Beyond the Wall: A Look at Immigration and Border Security
From the Texas Tribune: No issue stirred more passion in the 2016 elections than border security and immigration. In Beyond The Wall, a Texas Tribune documentary, we look past the heated rhetoric to explore why people and dope keep pouring across the border. Over the next half hour, you'll follow...
Woodward: 'Unmasking' Trump Team Names Would Be a 'Gross Violation'
During an interview Wednesday with Fox News Chennel's Bill O'Reilly, Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward made the argument that if information about Trump campaign officials being "unmasked" in intercepted communications is true, "it is a gross violation."
Double Punishment: When Parents Are Forced to Pay for Detention
From NBC News: An investigation by the Marshall Project, a nonprofit news site, found that 19 state juvenile justice agencies charge parents for their children’s incarceration.
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