Republicans Sell Access to Congressional Staffers

Republicans Sell Access to Congressional Staffers

Documents obtained by The Intercept and the Center for Media and Democracy show that the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee are telling political donors that in exchange for campaign contributions, "they will receive invitations to special events to meet with congressional staff including chiefs of staff, leadership staffers, and committee staffers."

From The Intercept:

While selling donors access to senators and representatives and their campaign staff is nothing new, the open effort to sell access to their legislative staff — the taxpayer-funded government employees who work behind the scenes to write legislation, handle investigations, and organize committee hearings — appears to be in violation of ethics rules that prohibit campaigns from using House and Senate resources in any way.

Congressional ethics rules flatly forbid Capitol Hill employees from engaging in fundraising activities as part of their official duties. Any explicit fundraising work must be done strictly as a volunteer, and there must be a clear firewall separating government work from campaign work.

It's arguably the last fig leaf left when it comes to giving the appearance that campaign contributions are not directly linked to official acts.

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