Trump Associates Were Not the First Targets Surveilled

Trump Associates Were Not the First Targets Surveilled

The Obama administration's abuses of surveillance power did not start with the targeting of the Trump campaign, the columnist and former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy writes. The list includes journalists; opponents of the Iran nuclear deal; and perhaps even Dennis Kucinich, the liberal ex-congressman (with wife Elizabeth above). Kucinich believes that he was spied on over his Libya war opposition and that his communications were leaked to the press.

From National Review:

Kucinich is now a commentator at Fox News, on whose website he explains his side of the story, and on whose programming ardently pro-Trump contributors are a staple — including contributors who have been sympathetic to the new president's claim that he was monitored by his predecessor. The gist of Kucinich's piece is to “vouch for the fact that extracurricular surveillance does occur.” The express point is to counter the ridicule heaped on Trump's claim that he personally was wiretapped at Trump Tower.


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