Rogue Twitter Accounts Fight to Preserve Government Science

Dozens of alternative federal agency Twitter accounts were launched shortly after Donald Trump's inauguration, with names like altEPA and Rogue POTUS Staff. A number of the accounts are administered by actual federal employees, including three who provided information to The Intercept indicating they work for the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Labor, and the Interior Department.

From The Intercept:

Most of the time, the rogue accounts tweet out reactions to the news or information that Trump wouldn't like to publicize. But every now and then, there's a flash of insight into life in Trump's government. And some of the administrators say they maintain their accounts so that when something severe happens, they have the means to communicate with the public. Alt_Dept. of Labor is one of the most obnoxious accounts in the Twitter resistance. Although it regularly tweets out sobering statistics about the state of the labor economy, GIFs and obscenities, sometimes blamed on alcohol, are more typical. The split personality of the account can be attributed to the duo that runs it. The GIFs are from an employee of the Bureau of Labor Statistics; the stats are from an employee of a union.



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