The Navajo Housing Tragedy

The Navajo Housing Tragedy

The Navajo Nation is in dire need of homes. The tribe's housing agency has wasted huge sums. And it has a quarter-billion dollars in tax money sitting unspent.

From the Arizona Republic:

Across the reservation, tens of thousands of families live in poverty that dictates their circumstances, in homes handed down through generations, or in crumbling housing projects.
Some 70,000 homes need to be built or repaired.

Since 1998, Washington has given the Navajo Nation more than $1.6 billion to provide new housing.

But in the past eight years, records show, the tribe and its housing authority have built only 543 homes.

Why, with tens of thousands of families in need, do so many people still live in homes that are neither modern nor well-built?

More than a billion dollars taken.

So where are the homes?

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