Translation of School Ethnic Studies 'Unity Chant'

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Below is a translation of the chant at the Social Justice Humanitas Academy in Los Angeles referred to in this article about "unity chants" proposed in an ethnic studies model curriculum that the California State Board of Education is set to adopt this month.
(Si Se Puede) Si Se Puede
Kemaktzin Mochihua
Isaaaaaaaaaang Bagsak
(Holla Back) We Got Your Back
"Yes it can be done" (Spanish)
“All Come Together; Unity" (Swahili)
“Yes It Can Be Made to Happen” (Nahuatl)
“One Struggle Down, Many More to Go" (Tagalog)
("Holla Back" etc.: an expression of support in African American vernacular English, similar to: "We stand behind you.") 

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