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Turns out falsely embracing an ethnicity for years, and years, and profiting handsomely from it isn’t enough to light the mob’s torches. Why? Quote:

Two reasons leap to mind.

She’s the wife of a man who spent four-plus years mocking President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live.” If you think that doesn’t offer a modicum of cultural protection you’re flat-out wrong.

Here’s the other reason, and it might be more telling.

If the media savaged Hilaria Baldwin for cultural appropriation on steroids it would send an inconvenient message. Being a person from another culture who speaks with a pronounced accent isn’t the curse we’re told it is in Trump’s Racist AmericaTM.

It’s a perk, a way to climb the corporate ladder and get plenty of TV face time. More than 880,000 Instagram followers speak to her manufactured clout. 

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