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On a corrective podcast, Michael Barbaro — host of the New York Times podcast "The Daily" — did not disclose several key facts about his own connection to those who created the discredited "Caliphate" series. Quote:

Andy Mills, a key producer behind the launch of The Daily, helped drive the sound and feel of Caliphate. From the outset, Mills became Callimachi's sidekick on the air, testing her microphones, prodding translators, questioning sources. Others joined Caliphate from The Daily as well.

Among them was Caliphate's executive producer, Lisa Tobin. She had held the same role at The Daily and is now the executive producer of audio at The Times.

Off the air, Barbaro and Tobin are engaged to be married.

Their relationship is no secret; it has been documented in other outlets from The New York Post's Page Six gossip column, where it was first disclosed, to the pages of The Hollywood Reporter.

Yet those listening to Barbaro press Baquet would not have known that the host is engaged to the executive producer of the very series whose flaws he was dissecting.

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