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The series had won a Peabody Award, the first ever for a podcast produced by the newspaper, and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist. But the Times began to reexamine the 12-part podcast after Canadian police arrested Shehroze Chaudhry, who used the alias Abu Huzayfah, for perpetrating a terrorist hoax. His account of participating in executions and witnessing other atrocities had been included in the podcast.

“In the absence of firmer evidence, ‘Caliphate’ should have been substantially revised to exclude the material related to Mr. Chaudhry," The Times said in an editor's note on Friday. “The podcast as a whole should not have been produced with Mr. Chaudhry as a central narrative character.” ...

The main reporter on the podcast, Rukmini Callimachi [shown above accepting the 2018 Peabody, since returned], will remain with the newspaper but will be reassigned, the newspaper said.

Callimachi said Friday that it was “gutting” to let down her colleagues. She said she should have caught more of the lies Chaudhry told her, and tried to make clear what the newspaper did and didn't know.

“It wasn't enough,” she said in a statement.

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