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By David DesRosiers, President, RealClearFoundation
September 28, 2020

Like millions of readers, you come to RealClear to see the full picture of America’s public life. Everything that drives and sustains our fractious, yet enduring, democracy can be found across RealClear’s pages, including investigative journalism—for which the RealClearFoundation (RCF) seeks your help.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working in partnership with RealClear Media Group, RCF sponsors journalistic and educational projects in the public interest. Over the course of this week’s campaign, you will learn about several of these initiatives.

Today, RCF highlights its signature initiative, RealClearInvestigations (RCI). Like the other RealClear sites, RCI aggregates the day’s must-read investigative reporting from across the web. From its vantage point as an aggregator, RCI produces original investigative journalism that fills in gaps in coverage, “including blind spots in media itself,” as founding editor Tom Kuntz described it when RCI launched in autumn 2016.

If you visit RealClearPolitics regularly, you have probably come across RCI original reporting by correspondents such as Richard Bernstein, Eric Felten, Aaron Maté, Mark Hemingway, John Murawski, and Paul Sperry. While their vitae include publications spanning the American mind—from The Nation to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal to The Weekly Standard—as reporters they have in common a contrarian, skeptical, “hit-’em-where-they-ain’t” approach that defines the RCI enterprise. They and other reporters whom Kuntz has brought under the RCI banner perform the deep-dive, shoe-leather investigations to expose corruption in the highest, most influential echelons of public life—from federal bureaucracies and intelligence agencies to schools, universities, major philanthropies, and media organizations.

Such a roster of reporting talent, in pursuit of this mission, cannot subsist on the pennies-per-click that come from online advertising. Long-form investigations depend on the generosity of readers who recognize their importance to democracy.

This week, please consider joining your fellow readers who help make RealClearInvestigations possible.

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