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Release date: Oct. 29, 2019.

Lee Smith's book "The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Scandal in U.S. History," has just been released. Excerpts have been published by the Washington Times, Breitbart, and The Federalist.

Here is a selection of Lee Smith's earlier work for RealClearInvestigations:

It's Not All About the Bidens: Why Trump Has Ukraine on the Brain, Oct. 7
The impeachment inquiry Democrats have launched may ultimately hinge on a simple question: Did President Trump try to force a foreign power (or powers) to help him take down a political opponent, Joe Biden? But the backdrop of their effort is far more complex and convoluted, connected not just to Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine and related evidence but the three-year war of attrition the Democrats have waged against the president. 

Trump Tower Meeting Looks Increasingly Like a Setup, Aug. 13, 2018
The June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between high-ranking members of the Republican presidential campaign staff and a Russian lawyer with Kremlin ties remains the cornerstone of claims that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election. A growing body of evidence, however, indicates that the meeting may have been a setup – part of a broad effort to tarnish the Trump campaign involving Hillary Clinton operatives employed by Kremlin-linked figures and Department of Justice officials.

7 Mysterious Preludes to the Trump-Russia Probe, June 27, 2018
Before the FBI began investigating the Trump campaign in an operation code-named “Crossfire Hurricane,” there were at least seven different instances when campaign advisers were approached with Russia-related offers. Most of those contacts — including Donald Trump Jr.’s much-publicized meeting with a Russian lawyer and others in June 2016 — offered the prospect of information damaging to Donald Trump’s Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. Almost all of these approaches were made by people connected to the FBI, Western intelligence services or the Clintons.

The Maltese Phantom of Russiagate, May 29, 2018
In the shifting narratives of the Trump-Russia probe, a Maltese academic named Joseph Mifsud has remained a linchpin regarding claims of collusion. He is the professor who allegedly told Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos that the Russians had emails related to the Clinton campaign. The FBI says it opened its investigation in late July 2016 after Papadopoulos relayed that information to Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, and the Australians tipped off U.S. authorities. But there is one major problem with this story: No evidence has been presented to support the claim.

Unpacking the Other Clinton-Linked Russia Dossier, April 26, 2018
A copy of the little-publicized second dossier in the Trump-Russia affair, acquired by RealClearInvestigations, raises new questions about the origins of the Trump investigation, particularly about the role of Clinton partisans and the extent to which the two dossiers may have been coordinated or complementary operations.

U.S. Media Long Carried Putin's Water, March 9, 2018
With special counsel Robert Mueller’s latest indictments of alleged Russian trolls, Facebook is facing heavy fire from prominent critics at the New York Times, Washington Post, and other legacy media for uncritically spreading Russian misinformation. Those same news outlets, however, have a history of taking money to distribute Russian propaganda to its influential readers.


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