California: The Battle Over Charles Manson’s Corpse

California: The Battle Over Charles Manson’s Corpse
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As three men fight a raging court battle over Charles Manson's ashes, his frozen body remains in the morgue listed under a fake name.

From the Daily Beast:

On Wednesday, Kern County Superior Court Commissioner Alisa Knight announced she plans to issue a ruling on the fate of Manson’s body in the coming days, according to county attorney Bryan Walters.

“She did not want to wait for anyone to do any further discovery or DNA testing [of potential relatives],” Walters told The Daily Beast. “She said, ‘Nope, this is an urgent matter.’ She’s going to review all the pleadings that have been filed and make a decision on that."

Walters, who represents the coroner’s office, said the agency asked the court to determine which of the competing claims over Manson’s corpse should prevail.

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