Big Money Fuels Florida's Medical Marijuana Debate

Big Money Fuels Florida's Medical Marijuana Debate
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The rush is on to shape Florida's potentially lucrative medical marijuana market.

The state’s seven licensed dispensaries are hiring top lobbyists and donating large amounts of cash to PACs supporting state lawmakers. And from outside the state, billionaires Peter Lewis, George Soros and John Sperling are joining in as large individual contributors and the deep pockets behind marijuana advocacy groups.

The three billionaire donors, along with national personal injury law firm Morgan & Morgan, contributed millions of dollars to the successful 2016 campaign in support of Amendment 2, known as the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative. According to the article, their combined support accounted “for over 60 percent of the total pro-Amendment 2 campaign expenditures — and more than all opposed groups combined raised.”

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